Leave the Right Impression.

We specialize in sustainability programs that create value and
generate profit with purpose for your business.

What We Do

We recognize that every organization has unique disciplines, processes, and cultures that influence its impression. Our team works closely with you to provide services that embrace your culture, mission, industry and people.  We get to know and understand your business and operation, and then custom-craft a results driven plan for your sustainability initiative and how best to capitalize on those results.


Corporate sustainability initiatives are becoming “expected” in leading organizations.  Conversation and concern about the financial and environmental costs of resource consumption continues to increase, as these will significantly impact business.  Annual sustainability reporting is becoming a standard part of portfolio reviews;  investors, distributors and other stakeholders are requesting information; publicly traded companies are receiving requests from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Carbon Disclosure Project, and rankings such as the Newsweek Green 500 are holding greater value. 

Whether you are looking to plant your first seed or design a complex global strategy, the Sustainable Solutions team can be your sustainability department.  We work alongside your employees using methods that are simple, concise and designed to provide stepping stones for your business based on individual impacts and your organization's level of commitment.  Our programs are credible, measurable and profitable.

· GHG Inventory and Benchmarking
· Lifecycle Assessments
· CSR and Sustainability Reporting
· Employee Educational/Engagement Programs
· Carbon Reduction Planning
· Customer Engagement Programs
· Certification Process Guidance
*We can help you earn certifications such as Cradle to Cradle, BIFMA level, NSF-140, Green Squared, ANSI-332, Zero Waste and more.


The journey to sustainability requires commitment and it is often new territory for businesses. Sustainable Solutions provides guidance and support through each phase of the process for businesses to align sustainability initiatives with core business. Our team can design and facilitate integration strategies to engage your stakeholders and attract new business.

· Strategic Planning
· Business Development
· Sustainability and Core Business Alignment
· Sponsor/Partner Relations


As the appetite for sustainable products and services increases, the eagerness to capitalize on this market increases as well. Sustainable Solutions' services is committed to providing credible programs, but also the associated marketing and communications to ensure that messaging is authentic and sound in its claims. We can help determine appropriate branding, marketing, and messaging that is genuine without "greenwashing," and help guide certification processes for additional marketing benefits.

· Experiential Marketing
· Concept Creation
· Sustainable Brand Architecture
· Identity Programs
· Message and Content Development
· Spokesperson Representation
· Formal Presentation Creation and Delivery

Experiential Marketing is a specialty of Sustainable Solutions, and is fast becoming the single most powerful marketing tool. This outreach appeals to consumers' rational and emotional buying triggers, and is most often associated with the multi-sensory, live brand experience that connects meaning and relevance.

Green-wash (gren'wosh') - verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service

With offices on Hilton Head Island, SC, in Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN, the Sustainable Solutions team is eager to assist your journey to sustainability and achieving business success. Contact us today to explore opportunities for your organization to leave the right impression.


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